I have a dream...

I have a dream... well more of a vision really and a strong desire. A desire to experience tasting more of the infinite variety of coffee grown in the world but in an easy and convenient way. And a vision, of a selection box, like the many tea selection boxes available but filled with coffees from around the world, of different roasts, tastes and aromas. Something like the below.

So, I've created New Kings Coffee (more on the name later) to bring my vision to life.

I have the desire to make coffee farmers’ life easier whilst making people a little happier each morning. That is why New Kings Coffee is partnering with the Fairtrade Foundation, when buying any of our products you are helping many coffee farmers from all around the world and their families.

In this blog I will tell you all kind of stories and experiences related to business/entrepreneur’s life, coffee receipts, personal thought, and much more. I hope you enjoy my blog posts, and of course, my coffee bags.

Do you know what? This is not a dream anymore, this is a reality. Jump in and come with me through this exciting adventure full of wonderful moments.