How do you like your coffee?

At New Kings Coffee, we recently asked for volunteers to try our new coffee bags and provide us with some feedback. When signing up, volunteers were asked to tell us how they like their coffee. We had such a varied and interesting response that we thought we would summarise people's preferences for their favourite drink in a word cloud, or word heart in this case (the larger the word, the more people mentioned it).

What was really clear was that our volunteers don't just like coffee, they LOVE it. 'Love' was mentioned more times than any other word by far. 

There was a really varied range of ways people make coffee - from cafetière to stove top to expresso machine and many others - with some volunteers using several different methods throughout the day, Similarly, how people take their coffee - with milk, with sugar, flavoured, light/medium strength - but strong black coffee seemed to dominate. 

In terms of how often our volunteers drank coffee, this was equally as varied as the way they make coffee. 8 cups per day was the highest response, with 3-4 cups per day being the most common. A few volunteers even considered coffee as a special treat once a week.

So, how do you LOVE your coffee?