What's in a name?

Branding is hard. Coming up with a name for my coffee business was a challenge, particularly when there are so many coffee businesses in the world with so many great names already taken.

I knew I wanted a name that had a relationship to me in some way but not so personal that I would use my own name. Also, I knew I wanted it to convey a number of messages – modern and new, yet maintaining traditional values; professional and high quality, yet not serious or stuffy; fresh and fun but not too casual. Quite a balancing act.

I spent weeks brainstorming names. Names that would highlight aspects of the coffee, names that were related to me in some way, and names that conveyed how you would feel when you tasted my coffee. Most of my best ideas were already taken but eventually I found my business name staring at me from the end of my street. I live at New Kings Court and New Kings Coffee seemed to achieve the balance of messages I am looking to create.

But the story doesn’t end there. Turns out you need royal approval to use what is classed as a sensitive word (“king”) within a business name (who knew?). So after an application to the Royal Names department at the Cabinet Office, explaining my reasons for wanting to use this word and confirming I wasn’t related to the royal family, approval was received and New Kings Coffee was born.