Sourcing Coffee

So, let’s make this vision in to a reality. Step 1 – sourcing coffee. Now, I know that I don’t want any old coffee. In fact, I have quite a few requirements for what New Kings Coffee should be about:

• Firstly, it’s got to be great coffee. High quality, with amazing aromas and tongue teasing tastes
• Secondly, the vision is of a selection of coffee, so I want to represent the different characteristics of coffee grown around the world. From the main growing regions of South and Central America, Africa and South East Asia. Countries that are the giants of coffee production, like Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia, as well as lesser known countries producing fantastic and interesting coffee
• Next up, roasts. I don’t think I’ll be alone here but first thing in the morning I need coffee with a kick. An intense roast to really get the day started. Something more mellow late morning and perhaps a lighter roast or even decaf in the afternoon
• Last but by no means least, ethics and sustainability are really important to me. So New Kings Coffee should be accredited by at least one of the Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance or Bird Friendly organisations.

Ok, I’ve got a nice list of requirements and I’ve found some great coffees that tick all these boxes (more on these in a future post).